Anger Management Programs:
Addicare Group of Texas offers twelve group sessions for one hour each session.  This program is designed to help individuals seeking recovery from moderate to severe anger, rage, violent behavior and aggression towards other individuals.  Basic behavior principles of the group are chronic anger, anger violence, resentments, responsibility, habits, habitual behaviors, forgiveness, work related issues, control issues, disappointment, and assuming and practicing emotional and personal responsibility.

Family & Domestic Violence – Spousal & Non-Spousal:
Addicare offers a Family Violence (non-spousal abuse) program that consists of 12 group sessions.  Plus we offer a Family Violence (spousal abuse) program that consists of 24 group sessions.  Classes are available one day each week for two hours.  Some components of the programs are issues of chronic anger, family roles, decision making, conflict resolution, resentments and forgiveness.

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